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DSJ: That’s a Wrap

Courteny Morehouse, the 2012-2013 co-chair of BGI’s Diversity and Social Justice Committee, reflects on a great year for the committee and for BGI. · Read More


Slow Money, a national movement to transform the landscape of funding our food system, convened their fourth National Gathering earlier this week. Highlights flew through the twitterverse, captured at #slowmoney · Read More

Justice at the Core of Sustainable Food Systems

I am the granddaughter of Pennsylvania dairy farmers who struggled to maintain their way of life because of limited market options. · Read More

Water and Social Justice in California

Below is an excerpt from “Newtonia,” a blog written by one of our BGI alums, William Harding. William currently works with Nielsen Media Research and nonprofits in Seattle. He has a lifelong passion for communicating the value of data in our decisions, and developing tools that help organizations make decisions that improve the human condition. “A team of […] · Read More

Social Equity Series: Business Case for Trans-Inclusive Health Care

When speaking about LGBT issues, the assumption in a community of middle class white gay folks was that the “T” was silent, something beyond the spectrum of gay vs. straight. After spending a weekend at the Transgender Leadership Summit hosted by Basic Rights Oregon, I’ve come to realize that the conversation of transgender rights has come a long way. · Read More

Reflections from Study Abroad in China

12 students, 2 alumni, and 3 faculty from BGI have embarked on a two-week study abroad experience in China. They’re gaining understanding in approaches and methods that other cultures are developing to achieve social, environmental, and economic sustainability in business. Here is one student’s reflection on what he’s seen so far. · Read More

Secrets of Super Negotiators: Compromise is Not the Goal

In just a few days, BGI students will receive negotiation training and one-on-one negotiation sessions by special guest, Lisa Gates from Lisa is a regular contributor to and has shared her most recent blog post for students. · Read More

Why Marriage Equality Matters to Sustainable Business

At BGI, we understand that sustainability is so much more. We treat sustainability as a holistic approach to business where financial, environment and social stakeholders benefit from the business’ purpose. · Read More

silence (in the name of love)

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At Bainbridge Graduate Institute, MLK is often used as an example of true leadership. If there was ever someone who “led with love,” it was him. · Read More

Living Your Dreams On Your Day

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Inclusion. Acceptance. Even tolerance. These are human needs on many levels. Living without limits is a beautiful dream. Does it have to remain a dream? · Read More