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Mission and Growth

Posted September 30th, 2013 · Tags: , , , , ,
Much is going on as BGI enters it’s second decade. We have multiple masters degrees, campuses, and certificates. We are expanding our accreditation. We are beginning to implement our strategies of expanding our teaching to reach a broader audience both in person and online. In short, we’ve set our sights and are in pursuit of furthering our depth and impact. · Read More

Does November Have a New Name?

Posted November 8th, 2011 · Tags: , ,
BGI students in both the evening and hybrid MBA programs have eagerly taken on the challenge of raising funds and showing their support by growing mustaches for the month of Movember. · Read More

Let Form Follow Function

Consider how often we focus on the significance of organizational structure before the reason for our jobs.  Reporting lines are often of greater concern than the strategic intent of the institution. Human – yes.  Productive -? First, let’s be compassionate with ourselves. We are experiencing an unprecedented pace of change, whether it is the half-life […] · Read More

Shaping the Future of WSU

Posted February 25th, 2009 · Tags: , , , ,
Despite the ever-present dire news that surrounds us every day, it is still a shock when real consequences of the shrinking economy hit close to home. That’s exactly what is happening  across Washington as we internalize just what an $8.4 billion (and counting) deficit really means. Every day we read of protests and disagreements throughout […] · Read More

Going Native [While Staying Civil]

Any business or institution with distant, multiple locations knows the tension – aligning the mission, goals, and protocol of headquarters with the operational reality of the local branch office.   When do you ask permission? Seek forgiveness?  Plead ignorance?  You’ll find no written guide on how to be a good branch manager.  And, with WSU itself […] · Read More

Footprint for a State University in a Flat World

Posted July 18th, 2007 · Tags: , ,
By their very nature, land grant universities are to be omni-present. Serving the public and state, they were (and are) meant to provide not only a rich and relevant educational experience for students, but also to be about discovery and application of new ideas for society as a whole. Such a mission is as real […] · Read More

An Invitation

Posted July 16th, 2007 · Tags: , , ,
This starts what I hope to be an on-going discussion about the future of Washington State University and our ever-expanding role as a public research university.  My intent is to catalyze a broader and deeper impact for WSU externally, but also to internally expand an awareness of the many ways we touch society and the […] · Read More

The University’s Economic Impact

Posted November 2nd, 2005 · Tags: , ,
Originally published in John’s Journal: Research and Development by the University of Missouri. Copyright 2005, Curators of the University of Missouri. Few realize the scope and the impact of higher education in today’s economy. The University of Missouri is – and makes – big business in Missouri. Did you know that the University of Missouri […] · Read More