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The Parent Brand Process

Posted January 21st, 2014 · Tags: , , , , ,
Creating a parent brand that provides a cohesive identity for the distinct building blocks of BGI, OSR, CIE, and future members of the family has been a thoughtful and intentional process. · Read More

Alum Aaron Donne Takes Flight

BGI Alum Aaron Donne achieved his life-long dream of becoming a pilot when he graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, but wondered whether the purpose of his flight, in the context of conflict and war, lived up to his emerging values of making the world a better place. Several years later, while working at Microsoft, he came across BGI and found that space where he learned to make the impact he’d been searching for. · Read More

Why it works for me – a look back at my first quarter at BGI

BGI was so interesting – an independent business school, not aligned with a “prestigious university”, monthly intensives at a nature preserve, the rest of the time online, no tenured faculty and no bricks and mortar. I was intrigued with the BGI business model. · Read More

Core Faculty John Koriath Reflects On The BGI Metro Program Retreat

I got up and wrote it down: “BGI is a life long learning community, nourishing personal transformation, to do good in the world.” · Read More

Finance for a Better World

Sustainable Finance creates real value, making people and communities stronger, healthier and more beautiful without depleting non-renewable resources or destroying ecosystems. · Read More

Let Form Follow Function

Consider how often we focus on the significance of organizational structure before the reason for our jobs.  Reporting lines are often of greater concern than the strategic intent of the institution. Human – yes.  Productive -? First, let’s be compassionate with ourselves. We are experiencing an unprecedented pace of change, whether it is the half-life […] · Read More

Shaping the Future of WSU

Posted February 25th, 2009 · Tags: , , , ,
Despite the ever-present dire news that surrounds us every day, it is still a shock when real consequences of the shrinking economy hit close to home. That’s exactly what is happening  across Washington as we internalize just what an $8.4 billion (and counting) deficit really means. Every day we read of protests and disagreements throughout […] · Read More

WSU: Washington's Smart Grid

Posted April 30th, 2008 · Tags: , , ,
WSU was originally located through a competition among locales vying for a state institution within its local economy.  Manhattan, Fargo, Columbia…these are among the towns in other states – like Pullman in Washington – that won the prize.  The mandate of the land grant universities, unlike other kinds of higher education before (and since), was to […] · Read More

The Promise and Burden of Research

Originally published in John’s Journal: Research and Development by the University of Missouri. Copyright 2007, Curators of the University of Missouri. The process of discovery, envisioning new ideas, and creation has always excited me. It’s what attracted me to a research career in agriculture, where I’ve tried to practice the trade from the ground up. […] · Read More