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What is Sustainable Energy?

Energy is literally all around us. Our distribution and management of it are fundamental to innovation and enterprise; without power, business simply could not exist. Yet it’s clear that our current energy system, relying primarily on fossil fuels, creates a variety of problems for all of us. It’s costly, accounting for nearly 30 percent of […] · Read More

The Business of Planting Trees

A business sustains its operations by making money. Revenues must be greater than expenses, and a successful business is able to repeat this year over year. To do so, they must manage risks to both sustain and grow revenue while controlling and lowering expenses. Businesses manage revenue-side risks by erecting competitive barriers to entry, investing […] · Read More

2014 Alumni Extravaganza

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APRIL 25 @ 9:00 AM – APRIL 27 @ 12:30 PM Join your fellow BGI alumni for a weekend to network, learn, eat and play! Friday Night Be inspired by IGNITE Presentations from your fellow alumni! You’ll have the opportunity to meet current students and soon-to-be alumni. Join us at 5:30 p.m. for an hour of mingling […] · Read More

Experience the Rebuilding of the Rust Belt

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Join BGI for our 2014 Summer Study Tour from July 26 to August 6 as we explore three major cities within the Rust Belt region: Pittsburgh, PA; Cleveland, OH; and Detroit, MI. Previously the industrial heartland of the United States, the Rust Belt is characterized by midwestern and northeastern cities that were once manufacturing centers […] · Read More

What is intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship: Coined for 36 years, Practiced for Millennia The concept of entrepreneurship is likely familiar to many of us. Entrepreneurs are pioneers and innovators who set out to make something new by developing their own business ventures. What, then, is intrapreneurship? Originally coined by BGI president and co-founder Gifford Pinchot in 1978, an intrapreneur is […] · Read More

220 & Party: Recap

You’ve read how BGI and OSR are expanding their reach under a new “parent brand,” but did you know the building that’s home to our Seattle campus is growing as well? Over the past year, the historic Masin’s furniture building in Pioneer Square has transformed into 220 & Change, a living switchboard for social impact, […] · Read More

BGI Student, Alana Kambury, Strikes Green Gold with Brazil’s First B Corp

Alana Kambury is in her second year of the MBA in Sustainable Systems program at BGI. She traveled to Brazil last summer for an internship with Cria Global, an innovation consultancy and corporate venture incubator focused on creating shared value businesses. She shares her story with us here! —— We’re on the right track, BGI. And […] · Read More

Parent Brand Preview

After months of careful thought, planning and collaboration, we are thrilled to share our progress on the new parent brand. Pinchot, a university for the common good, represents the shared vision of OSR and BGI, and speaks to our heritage. Bringing all the “sister brands” together is no small task, and we’d like to celebrate this evolution with a short introduction to, and preview of, Pinchot. This signals the start of many great years to come. We look forward to sharing them with all of you! · Read More

Why earn a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership?

Why earn a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership? For me, the decision came from my first leadership experience. A group of friends and I started a democratic school in 2009, and as we created the educational space for children, we found ourselves enrolled in our own crash course in leadership. During our startup phase, we […] · Read More

What is a Parent Brand?

What does a “parent brand” mean for BGI, OSR, CIE and others to come? While we touched on it in the case for change and the process reflection posts this month, here we’ll share in greater detail the relationships and logistics of this new step for our organization. · Read More