Examiner Features Gifford Pinchot III and Dawn Danby

December 19th, 2012

Photo credit: Michael Maine

On December 12, Net Impact BGI hosted it’s monthly meetup on sustainable business topics. This month featured BGI co-founder, Gifford Pinchot III, and BGI Alumni and Autodesk Sustainability Manager, Dawn Danby. The presentation was on intrapreneuring, or acting as an entrepreneur from within an existing company. Over 50 community members came out for the event which ended with an early birthday celebration for Gifford.

The Examiner.com did an excellent write-up of the event. Here’s an excerpt:

Pinchot talked about what it takes to be an intraepreneur and gave some examples of folks who have made significant positive changes at large companies as intrapreneurs. The meat of the evening though was when he talked about the change Dawn Danby had helped bring about at Autodesk and the insights Danby herself gave about her intraprenuring.