Stuart Cowen

Stuart Cowan, Ph.D.


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Action Learning Practicum, Local Living Economies


Ecological Design

The Economics of Change: Catalyzing the Investment Shift Toward a Restorative Built Environment

Reliable Prosperity


U.C. Berkeley
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (Complex Systems)

Simon Fraser University
B.Sc. in Mathematics


Stuart is a Partner of Autopoiesis LLC, which provides strategy, research, modeling, and sustainable financing for restorative enterprises and local living economies. He has served as a Transaction Manager for Portland Family of Funds, an innovative sustainability investment fund, and as Conservation Economy Research Director for Ecotrust where he led development of the Reliable Prosperity framework for living economies. He is the Co-Author of Ecological Design, a visionary integration of ecology and architecture, land-use planning, and product design. He received his doctorate in complex systems from U.C. Berkeley and has taught at U.C. Berkeley, Naropa University, and Portland State University.