Quentin Dombro, M.B.A.


Principles of Economics


The Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University


Quentin has a rich background of experience in education, business and the public sector. He began his career in the Finance Department at DuPont, moved on to become a Finance Director of a municipality, and for 17 years worked to grow a computer services business. Quentin later taught in the Community Development and Applied Economics departments at the University of Vermont, instructing courses on Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

Quentin takes on an annual international volunteer assignment in parts of the world where he can apply his knowledge of agricultural cooperatives and business savvy. So far, this work has taken him to Russia, Brazil, Albania, Georgia and Kosovo.

When Quentin is not teaching, he enjoys a variety of hobbies including running, studying Italian, and playing the ancient board game Go.