Bert Loosmore

N. Bert Loosmore, Ph.D.


Foundations of Sustainable Business: Capitalism in Context

Foundations of Sustainable Business: Values and Value Creation

Foundations of Sustainable Business: Means and Measures

Business Modeling & Decision Analysis


University of Washington
PhD. in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management

University of Washington
M.S. in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management

University of Washington
Certificate in Environmental Management

Stanford University
B.S. in Electrical Engineering


Bert recently completed his Ph.D. in the Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management program at the University of Washington.  His dissertation focused on how mathematical and statistical models can be used to understand ecological data.

Previously he was a founder and chief technical officer of ID Systems, an RFID company focused on high value assets.  Bert is also on the board of directors of IslandVision, a non-profit working on promoting sustainability on Mercer Island.