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L. Hunter Lovins, J.D.


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Seminar: Triple Bottom-Line for Accounting

Seminar: Economics of Sustainability

Seminar: Finance and Sustainability

Seminar: Managing for Sustainability

Seminar: Marketing for Sustainability


Loyola University

Pitzer College
B.A. in Political Science
B.A. in Sociology


Natural Capitalism

Climate Capitalism


L. Hunter Lovins is President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, based in Longmont, Colorado. She is Chief Insurgent of the Madrone Project with offices in Berkeley CA, and consults for scores of industries and governments worldwide, including large and small companies such as the International Finance Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell, Interface, Clif Bar, Wal-Mart and the government of Afghanistan. Named Millennium TIME Magazine Hero of the Planet in 2000, Newsweek Magazine called her the “Green Business Icon.” She also plays polocrosse, is a team roper and barrel racer, and is member of the Boulder County Mounted Search and Rescue Team.