Learning Community

BGI’s network of business leaders, change agents and innovators propels industry breakthroughs in the classroom and beyond. Even after graduation, the community continues to share business and learning opportunities. Your engagement with the BGI community introduces you to a dynamic group of professionals who are working together to change business for good.

Students, faculty and industry leaders co-create the BGI education to address emerging industry and social challenges. Our dynamic approach to learning guides the development of innovative technologies, methodologies and strategies for business. Students learn from each other’s expertise as well as from faculty and visiting change agents, and their teamwork often leads to the launch of new business ventures that are central to BGI’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Our diverse students come to BGI with their own personal sets of goals and expertise that combine to make the BGI experience a powerful force for sustainability. At BGI, our community brings world-class minds together to learn, share and solve business challenges. From this, our students grow their individual and collective capacity to transform business.