Continuing Education

Enhance your professional toolkit through agile, relevant, integrated training that makes an immediate impact in all areas of your work- and even in your daily life. 

Timely. Transferable. Transformative.

20120512_BGI_Island-Wood-Intensive_247These premier non-credit courses are well-matched for individuals seeking to expand their expertise in a role they currently hold or for preparing themselves for the next position in an organization, business or start-up. With continuing education, you now have the business education you want at your own pace, anytime. Take one course. Take more. It’s your choice.

Classes taken à-la-carte give you a customized approach to continuing education. Take a course, only missing a small amount of work, and be back in the office promptly, ready to conquer your to-do list with newly acquired skills and tools.

Leadership, Sustainability, Social Justice, and Systems

20101111_BGI_IslandWood-Intensive_203 smallStart with real-life situations, apply critical thinking, pragmatic judgment, and recognize the leadership potential within each participant. Mix in a relevant and fundamental focus on issues affecting each of us in our professional pursuits. The result? Innovation and practical solutions for issues faced by non-profits, for-profits and start-ups.

Continuing education not only redefines leadership development but provides today’s workforce for tomorrow’s challenges with viable solutions and tools to succeed in our ever-evolving business world.

Isn’t it time you give your career the BGI EDGE?

Continuing education at BGI is the preeminent entrepreneurial-focused program for deepening your career investment, extending your personal authenticity into your business, and raising the bar professionally. Whether you’re mid-career, just starting out on your chosen professional path or a seasoned veteran with decades of experience, continuing education provides the perfect pathway to incorporate BGI’s innovative and distinctive approach to education which will boost you and your career to the next level.