November Change Agents in Residence

Every month, Bainbridge Graduate Institute hosts Change Agents in Residence (CAIR) as part of the integrated MBA curriculum to give current students the opportunity to talk to thought leaders. These industry pioneers advance sustainable business practices, research social and ecological sustainability, and lead organizations for social and economic advocacy.

Connect with CAIRS

For current Metro and Hybid MBA Students, along with Alumni, you are invited to join the CAIRs presentation at 8:00 PM on Thursday night in the Great Hall at Islandwood. Don’t miss this opportunity to see all these amazing change agents in person!

The general public is welcome to attend Building a Sustainable Economy (BASE) Lecture with Bob Willard on Friday, November 16 at 6-7:30p at Bainbridge Public Library on Bainbridge Island.

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November CAIRS

This November, BGI will have the honor of hosting the following amazing people:

Bob Willard, Speaker and Author of Resources for Sustainability Champions

Bob is a leading expert on quantifying and selling the business value of corporate sustainability strategies and has given hundreds of keynote presentations to corporate, government, university, and NGO audiences. Bob applies his business and leadership experience from his 34-year career at IBM Canada to engage the business community in proactively avoiding risks and capturing opportunities associated with environmental and social issues. He has authored four books: The Sustainability Advantage (2002), The Next Sustainability Wave (2005), The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook (2009), and The New Sustainability Advantage (2012).

Bob’s advice to business advisors helping companies achieve this competitive advantage is to build trust. “Be credible. Stay credible,” he explains. “Know your stuff and know their business code; keep your expertise up-to-date. You can’t be a wide-eyed tree hugger.”

Tanya Dawkins, Founder and Executive Director of the Global Local Links Project

Tanya is the founder and executive director of the Global Local Links Project, an initiative working to put people and communities at the center of the global economy. Her work focuses on engaging the question of what it means to build citizen and community power in an age of intensifying globalization(s). She is dedicated to developing a new generation of globally minded, community centric tools, policies, networks and metrics that captures maximum community benefit from the positive aspects of globalization, challenges its negative impacts and builds new models of leadership, policy, civic engagement and democratic practice.

Graham Leicester, Director of International Futures Forum

Graham Leicester is Director of International Futures Forum. International Futures Forum is a non-profit organization established to support a transformative response to complex and confounding challenges and to restore the capacity for effective action in today’s powerful times. At the heart of IFF is a deeply informed inter-disciplinary and international network of individuals from a range of backgrounds covering a wide range of diverse perspectives, countries and disciplines. The group meets as a learning community as often as possible, including in plenary session. And it seeks to apply its learning in practice. IFF takes on complex, messy, seemingly intractable issues – notably in the arenas of health, learning, governance and enterprise – where paradox, ambiguity and complexity characterize the landscape, where rapid change means yesterday’s solution no longer works, where long term needs require a long term logic and where only genuine innovation has any chance of success.

Peter Graf, Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President of Sustainability Solutions, SAP

Dr. Peter Graf serves as Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President of Sustainability Solutions at SAP. Graf is responsible for developing sustainable solutions that best serve the needs of SAP’s global customers, while also driving sustainable operations within SAP. During his tenure at SAP, Graf has held various management roles. Previously, Graf was the Executive Vice President of Solution Marketing at SAP. In this role, Graf was responsible for shaping the company’s industry solution, application, and platform strategy.

In response to the questions “ What does sustainability mean to SAP”, Peter responded,

In 2008, our executive board decided to make sustainability the purpose of SAP. In essence, this means we exist for the sake of helping companies manage their operations in a world where resources become scarce, prices become more volatile, consumers are connected over the Internet, environmental concerns and regulations are proliferating, and social aspects have a serious potential impact on a company’s results.

We hope you enjoy connecting with these outstanding change agents!

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