BGI Change Agent: Amory Lovins

At the December Intensive for students in our MBA in Sustainable Systems and Industry Certificate programs, BGI had the honor of hosting Amory Lovins, as one of our Change Agents in Residence. MBA candidate Meg O’Leary had the pleasure of guiding him through the weekend as a volunteer student representative. Here’s what she discovered about Amory through that experience:

What is the work AMORY doES to change the world for good?

Amory is an innovator who is able to articulate the issues in an accessible way and through multiple lenses. He effectively uses stories and history to engage and encourage people to think about the interconnected nature of our world—and of the problems we face.

How did this person affect the way that you think about about business or energy?

He reminds me that we have many of the solutions available to us right now. We must continue to think of issues as a comprehensive system and remain ever aware of the unintended consequences of well-intentioned action.

What did they find unexpected or notable about their experience at BGI?

Amory has been affiliated with BGI since the beginning. He tells the story of being delayed with Gifford back east, unable to fly home following 911. That’s where he and Gifford hatched the concept for BGI.

About the Author

Meg O’Leary, C10 Hybrid MBA Student, works for the State Energy Office at Department of Commerce in Olympia. She coordinates an interagency advisory process required under the State Energy Independence Act, Washington’s renewable portfolio standard.


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