Alum Aaron Donne Takes Flight

Aaron DooneBGI Alum Aaron Donne achieved his life-long dream of becoming a pilot when he graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, but wondered whether the purpose of his flight, in the context of conflict and war, lived up to his emerging values of making the world a better place. Several years later, while working at Microsoft, he came across BGI and found that space where he learned to make the impact he’d been searching for.

Aaron Donne is a recent graduate of the MBA in Sustainable Systems program and the new Sustainability Community Manager for Microsoft, through the group Teleion Consulting, on the Microsoft sustainability team. He focuses on educating employees on current sustainability initiatives and creating a global engagement system to fuel future action. Aaron works to engage all 90,000 employees around the world by building a structure to drive behavior that moves current systems into a space where employees come together to use their collective intelligence and take on future systems.

At BGI, the concepts of co-creation and Kaizen, or continuous improvement, were ingrained in Aaron and are elements he relies on daily. The development of his new role under Microsoft Chief Environmental Strategist Rob Bernard also partly began when he met Rob at a weekend intensive of the MBA in Sustainable Systems when Rob was a Change Agent in Residence.

Check out Aaron’s full story here.

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