Guest Kevin Wilhelm

Kevin Wilhelm

Owner, Sustainable Business Consulting · Faculty, Bainbridge Graduate Institute · Seattle, WA

Tracking sustainability performance to my clients’ financial bottom-line is in increasing demand. BGI students are at the cutting-edge of this thinking, learning about what’s next in business, and how to apply it at their firm today.

I found that many people dismissed the idea of sustainability because it didn’t make “business sense” to them. However, armed with my MBA and my Certificate in Sustainable Business from BGI, I set out to prove that Sustainability was in fact a way for companies to save money, gain a competitive advantage and increase market share.

I’ve seen BGI stay on the cutting edge as the market shifted from skepticism to wide acceptance on climate change. If something innovative is developing, it won’t be long before it’s part of the BGI curriculum. In my class, we start with frameworks and move quickly into implementation. My students are learning how and why we’re using these tools to change business for good.

In my business, Sustainable Business Consulting, I go into large organizations and show them how adopting sustainable business practices makes good business sense. Through teaching at BGI, I’ve found I can help others make the business case for sustainability, too. It’s a great way to give back to the community.


As a faculty member in the Metro MBA Program, Kevin brings his practical experience as CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting into the academic environment that helped launch his career. The author of Return on Sustainability, Kevin provides a depth of expertise to organizations—from strategy and implementation to carbon footprinting and CSR reporting.

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