Jen Martinez

Strategic Initiatives Manager · Bexar County

My mother emigrated from Guatemala in the 1960s, and during my childhood I often returned to Guatemala to visit family. As I grew older, the discrepancies between my life in the USA and the lives of my Guatemalan relatives became more and more apparent. I recall driving to Tikal and observing a thick layer of slash-and-burn smog pluming over the biologically diverse Petén Basin and thinking to myself, “This isn’t right.”

The business skills and systems thinking I’ve developed at BGI are helping me create an innovative, grassroots human development program to strengthen foreign direct-investment projects and encourage sustainable business practices. I’m incorporating social media as a new form of constituent engagement, strategic relationship building, and place branding for economic development.

Personally, I am excited about the opportunity to determine my own career path—I am continuously driven to create new social and economic value by exploring the intersection of development, manufacturing, technology and social justice.


Jen has over ten years of international trade and development experience in manufacturing, trade associations, and non-governmental organizations. Her work includes strategic planning, online branding, business development, product development, and economic research and analysis. Jen holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Texas and is currently enrolled in BGI’s Hybrid Program.

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