• Is BGI accredited?

    Yes! Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). In addition, Bainbridge Graduate Institute is authorized by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) and meets the requirements and minimum educational standards established for degree-granting institutions under the Degree-Granting Institutions Act. This authorization is subject to periodic review and authorizes Bainbridge Graduate Institute to offer specific degree programs. The Council may be contacted for a list currently authorized programs. Authorization by the Council does not carry with it an endorsement by the Council of the institution or its programs. Any person desiring information about the requirements of the act or the applicability of those requirements to the institution may contact the Council at P.O. Box 43430, Olympia, WA 98504-3430.

    Bainbridge Graduate Institute is in the process of expanding its accreditation regionally with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).  Having begun the process of seeking eligibility in 2012, the NWCCU has reviewed and approved BGI as a viable Applicant for regional accreditation.  The next step of the process, which is currently on-going,  includes an institutional self-evaluation culminating in an actual site visit by a NWCCU evaluation committee selected from peers across the region. The site visit will occur on November 13-15, 2013. Their review of the self-evaluation and actual visit of the institutional facilities, staff, faculty, and students will determine their recommendation to the NWCCU on official acceptance as a Candidate for regional accreditation.  If approved as a Candidate, BGI will have up to five years to demonstrate achieving the institutional stability necessary to fully qualify for regional accreditation.

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  • Can I get financial aid?

    Federal Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.

    BGI participates with federal, state and private agencies to make various financial aid programs available to students. Financial assistance (financial aid) awarded through BGI may consist of a combination of institutional scholarships and grants, state aid programs, federal and private loans, and/or part-time work-study opportunities for those who qualify.

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  • I am eligible for VA benefits. Can I use them at BGI?

    Yes. Our programs have been approved for participation. You are eligible to use your VA education benefit to offset the cost of your attendance. Please contact your Veteran’s Affairs benefit counselor to determine your benefit type.

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  • I don’t have a business background…

    BGI is committed to diversity. We seek students who contribute to the evolution and diversity of our learning community, including (but not limited to) diversity of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, nation of origin, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and physical ability.

    We look for incoming students to have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences; this is one of the strengths of the BGI learning community. We attract high-potential people with the ability to use management skills to move the world toward a more sustainable future, regardless of where they are now or want to work later.

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  • I just graduated with my bachelor degree last year – can I apply?

    Yes. Our most important admission criterion isn’t so much work experience as demonstrated potential for sustainability leadership. We assess your potential by looking at your work experience, accomplishments in school and community activities and extracurricular involvement during college or university. We also assess your leadership potential by looking at comments made in your recommendations. We can get a better sense of your record of leadership if you have more experience, but that’s not the only measure.

    If you are interested in BGI, the best thing to do is to apply and go through the interview process.

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  • What can I do with this degree?

    This MBA degree gives you all the tools of a traditional MBA, with the added advantage of sustainable thinking. You could take on any job which a leadership-focused MBA is qualified for–and bring sustainability with you. Our students and alumni are demonstrating that sustainability is a better way to manage organizations of all types.

    You will have all the skills you need to start and run your own business, to be an intrapreneur within an existing company or to bring powerful business practices to a nonprofit.

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  • Is BGI known and recognized?

    BGI is the pioneering school for sustainable business and is consistently ranked one of the top choices for people looking to get a green or sustainable business education. We’ve received top rankings from the Huffington Post, Net Impact and Fast Company, just to name a few. In addition to our business school rankings, BGI was recognized by Business Week in 2007 as one of the 60 top design schools in the world.

    We’re a fairly young graduate school and certainly not as widely known as traditional business programs, such as Sloan, Darden or Wharton. However, we are definitely known and recognized in the business school world, which is why we are attracting faculty from top schools.

    Of course, BGI is very well-known in the world of sustainable business – we have had leaders of many top sustainable businesses come to the school to speak in our Change Agents in Residence program. If you want an unmatched sustainable business education and a network that includes many of the top sustainable business leaders around today, BGI is a great place to be.

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  • What happens between Intensives for Hybrid MBA students?

    Our delivery is a combination of distance learning and monthly Intensives. Once a month, we get together at an Intensive for face-to-face classroom time and community building. Between Intensives, we meet in a number of structured and informal ways. Most assignments are team assignments, fostering your ability to work well with others in a virtual setting via email, conference calls and online collaborative tools. In geographic areas where there are concentrations of students, study groups routinely get together.

    Between Intensives, students attend virtual classes. We use Elluminate, which mimics a real classroom experience. You will have regular lectures from faculty, guest lectures, discussion or seminar groups, or use the virtual classroom to discuss the specifics of various projects. All Elluminate class sessions are archived so that you can review them again at a later date, which is great for studying for exams!

    All of your work is submitted electronically on The Channel for instructor feedback and student comments. The Channel serves as the host for our virtual community and provides areas for coursework as well as social posting about the goings on in the world.

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  • What is the time commitment required for the MBA programs?

    BGI’s MBA is a 60-credit program, which is comparable to many full-time, residential programs. You should approach it as a full-time program with a job-friendly schedule. You should be prepared to put in 20-25 hour weeks–sometimes more–in the 2-year Hybrid MBA program. With this schedule it is necessary  to manage your other work and personal commitments carefully. The great advantage of the schedule is that you can continue to work in your current job.

    The 3-year Hybrid MBA and Evening MBA require 18-20 hours of work per week devoted to your studies.

    With BGI’s programs, you can:

    • apply your learning right away, on the job
    • keep your education debt down
    • not uproot yourself and your family to move closer to your graduate school.

    However, it will be very challenging and we advise applicants to carefully consider what other commitments they can reduce in order to focus on getting the MBA.

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  • What type of transcripts do I need to send you?

    To complete an application for admission, BGI requires that you submit an official transcript from the college or university from which you earned your bachelor’s degree. Although we only require an official transcript from the institution from which you earned your bachelor’s degree, should you list additional colleges or institutions on your application materials  (resume, application, etc.), then you must submit corresponding official transcripts. Please make certain your correspondence with us is in agreement regarding the institutions listed on your application materials and the transcripts you submit.

    To obtain your official transcripts, you’ll need to contact each school’s registrar’s office and make a request.

    Your official transcripts must document:

    • satisfactory completion of an undergraduate degree;
    • courses completed at all schools;
    • grades you received at all schools.

    Your official transcripts must be:

    • issued and embossed by each school’s registrar;
    • sealed by each of the issuing schools (opened or tampered envelopes are not acceptable);
    • and sent directly (transcripts coming from any other source are not acceptable) to BGI at:
      Bainbridge Graduate Institute
      Office of Admissions
      Re: Official Transcripts Enclosed
      220 Second Avenue South, Suite 400
      Seattle, WA 98104

    Important note: Opened or tampered transcript envelopes or transcripts coming from any other source other than the schools themselves are considered unofficial.

    Foreign Transcripts

    If you have studied outside of the U.S., your foreign academic credentials and official transcripts will have to be evaluated by the Foundation for International Services to determine the educational equivalent within the U.S. educational system. You will need to pay for and provide this information.

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  • Does BGI accept international students?

    BGI recognizes the value of having a diverse and international student body.

    BGI is authorized to grant I-20 forms to eligible non-immigrant foreign students in the MBA in Sustainable Business (Metro MBA) program, which then may qualify those students for “Academic Student” (F) visa status. Prior to receiving an I-20 form, international students must submit a Declaration of Finances which certifies that they have sufficient funds to cover a full year of expenses, including tuition and living expenses.

    Enrollment in other BGI programs (MBA in Sustainable Systems, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Certificate programs) does not currently qualify an individual for “Academic Student” (F) status. Students who might not be admitted to the U.S solely or primarily for purposes of attending BGI’s courses, or whose immigration status may not authorize attendance, may include those admitted to the U.S. in B status, or pursuant to the Visa Waiver Program.

    The U.S. government allows many foreign nationals to enroll in academic programs such as those offered by BGI if admitted to the U.S. for purposes other than solely for education. U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, temporary residents, asylees, refugees, and certain nonimmigrants (such as those in E-1, E-2, E-3, H, J-2, L, TD or TN status) are encouraged to apply.

    BGI does not make any representation as to admissibility to the U.S. or eligibility to attend BGI programs for non-immigrants. It is the student’s responsibility to resolve these issues.

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  • Does BGI accept transfer credits?

    Students must earn 60 quarter credits to earn an MBA in Sustainable Business. Of the 60 required credits, 42 must be earned at BGI.

    The Dean of the Academic Affairs is responsible for reviewing transcripts for transferable credits from other MBA programs. There is no guarantee that you will receive transfer credits; however, students can work together with the Dean to identify transferable coursework during the admission interview.

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  • What is BGI’s Retention Rate?

    For the 2011-12 academic year, program retention rates were as follows: MBA in Sustainable Business – 92.5%; MBA in Sustainable Systems – 98%: Certificate in Sustainable Business – 90%. Overall retention was 93.8%.

    For the 2010-2011 academic year, the retention rate for the MBA in Sustainable Business program was 97% and the retention rate for the Certificate in Sustainable Business program was 86%.

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  • What is BGI’s Placement Rate?

    For student graduating during the 2011-12 academic year, the placement rate for the MBA in Sustainable Business program was 88% as of November 1, 2012, and the placement rate for the Certificate in Sustainable Business program was 75% as of November 1, 2012. Overall placement was 85%.

    For student graduating during the 2010-2011 academic year, the placement rate for the MBA in Sustainable Business program was 84% as of September 15, 2011, and the placement rate for the Certificate in Sustainable Business program was 87% as of September 15, 2011. Overall placement was 85%.

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