Step 5 ยท Application Packet

The following components make up the admissions packet and are required. Each component can be submitted separately. Email your resume and essay to

1. Resume

2. Essay

Three- to five-page double spaced, typed essay to help determine the fit between your goals and those of the Organization Systems Renewal – Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. Include the following in your essay.

  • Describe for us your personal, professional and educational history. Tell us how your this relates to your current educational and career goals.
  • What is the difference you hope to make in the world with a degree in Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership? What are your opportunities to apply your learning in an organizational setting while you are in OSR? What is your experience working with organizational change?
  • Tell us about your interest in learning and collaborating in a cohort community.
  • What is your financial plan to support your participation in the OSR program? What personal and organizational support do you have for undertaking the OSR program at this time? What time commitments will you be giving up so that you can make room for the OSR program in your life?
  • Outline the personal and organizational support you have for undertaking the program at this time.