Step 7 · Graduate Exam Options

Proof of Graduate Level Abilities
Choose at least one of the following options and indicate you choice(s) in the form below.

  1. GMAT scores *
  2. GRE scores*
  3. Transcripts showing completion of **
  4. Applicants who have five years or more of industry-related managerial experience may request consideration from the Dean of Academic Affairs, in writing, that their experience is proof of ability to succeed academically.  Outline your experience in a Word document.
  5. Applicants who have a Master’s degree or higher (Ph.D.)


Complete and submit the form below for Proof of Graduate Level Abilities.

* For the GMAT, our institution code is LK6-FV-65. For the GRE, our institution code is 4236.
** Identify BGI as your MBA program.  Log into your account, click the Change Account Info link, select Bainbridge (BGI) as your program, check the box giving permission to view your results, and click Submit. Order transcripts when you complete the course.

Proof of Graduate Level Abilities

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