Business Education

BGI offers unique MBA and Certificate programs focused on sustainability. Our innovative programs prepare you to create and manage successful, dynamic enterprises that build a better world.

Academics for Innovation

More than ever before, major companies and entrepreneurial ventures are securing competitive advantage and success by embracing sustainability—environmental and social responsibility—as a core business strategy. The Green Economy now represents more than $230 billion annually in sales of socially and environmentally responsible products and $2.2 trillion in investments.

Forward-thinking companies and business leaders recognize that this evolution of business requires new skills in business management. BGI’s industry-guiding curriculum integrates sustainability into every course and prepares students to create positive change through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our programs are designed to produce successful entrepreneurs, change agents, managers, social innovators and leaders. At BGI, you will learn to create economic value for yourself and others by improving business systems and developing new ventures.

Our Faculty Academy includes distinguished business school faculty and business innovators from around the world. Grounded by decades of expertise in their respective fields, they share your passion for advancing business through environmental and social responsibility.

BGI’s Learning Community

Our students come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, including companies like Hewlett Packard, Weyerhaeuser, Starbucks and Microsoft; nonprofit enterprises like Climate Solutions, Global Exchange and The Oregon Natural Step; and government agencies at the local, state and federal levels.

A deep commitment to pursuing a balanced triple bottom line—people, planet and profit— is fundamental to BGI’s pedagogy and our learning community. Our shared vision of changing business for the better by spreading ecological and social sustainability throughout business practices animates our professional, academic and interpersonal relationships.

As a learning community, we make time to appreciate other perspectives and get to know one another. Building community takes time, but is crucial to your academic development at BGI. We believe that you and every voice and viewpoint deserve to be heard, and we strive to create opportunities to engage more fully in dialogue, solve problems co-creatively and simply have fun together.

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