“BGI is the best sustainable business school in the country. The students and graduates have an exceptional combination of business promise, human warmth, and social purpose.” – Amory Lovins: physicist, environmental scientist, writer, and Chairman/Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute


BGI’s MBA programs provide the core competencies of a traditional MBA while integrating sustainability throughout the curriculum. Students typically complete BGI’s programs over the course of two to three years. The MBA is offered in two formats—Metro and Hybrid—both designed for working professionals and adult learners.

BGI uses the quarter system. Students in the MBA in Sustainable Systems (hybrid format) attend class during the fall, winter and spring quarters, while students in the MBA in Sustainable Business (metro format) attend class in the summer quarter as well. A typical quarter for the MBA in Sustainable Systems (Hybrid) consists of weekly distance learning sessions and three weekend intensives (residential sessions). A typical quarter in the MBA in Sustainable Business (Metro) program consists of weekly face-to-face class meetings.


The goals of our MBA programs are based on our mission to prepare learners from diverse backgrounds to design, lead, and evolve enterprises that contribute to the common good.

Our institution aspires to:

  • Provide students with the attributes, knowledge and competencies required of leaders transforming our economic system toward sustainability;
  • Equip students to achieve a satisfactory financial return for themselves and stakeholders in the very activities through which they help transform the economy;
  • Create a powerful supportive network of sustainability and business experts involved in lifelong collaboration, learning and action;
  • Develop curriculum, course materials and programs that will support the infusion of sustainability into mainstream business education; and
  • Make tangible contributions to the theory and practice of sustainable business through research, experimentation and application.

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